Put a filter on Wasteland Maggie's voice


Renegade Abe has a mask, so his voice has a filter on it.
When Lennox puts on her helmet, her voice has a filter on it.
Wasteland Maggie has a mask - but her voice is identical to regular Maggie’s.

I know it’s a tiny thing, but since I noticed it I can’t unnotice it. Whatever effect you applied to Abe’s voice when you made Rabe, pretty please do the same for Waggie.


This would be nice, but wouldn’t they have to go through all the files to do so? I dunno, maybe it’s an easy fix


I concur, but only if it doesn’t take too much focus away from more important things.

They should keep this in mind, and if they find the time to do it someday they can just do it.


I like this idea


Great idea,i agree.


Filtered voice or rito.


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