Pushed Through Map


I was pushed through the floor of the map while playing wraith and just started falling and falling.

I do not recall the exact map or location. I was playing as wraith, the trapper dome was down, and I was attacking Val. I used one of my abilities while really close to her. I beleive it was “Warp Blast” that I used, and I think I did it into the crack where a two foot ledge/wall meets the ground. I tried to get back into the map by warping, grabbing someone (which I did successfully, resulting in me going back into the map to grab them, but when I got a hold of them and started going back to where I was, it slammed them into the floor of the map, broke my grip on them and warpped me back outside the map…even though I was hoping to take one of them with me :stuck_out_tongue:)

After using all my skills to try to get back through the floor, I just fell until in killed me with a warning and countdown bar of “You are outside the arena” or something like that.


Same thing happened to me as Caira. A Golaith used jumpslam and slammed me right through the bottom. :smile:


Be funny if you popped out on the other side of the world to find yourself in a upside-down Asian themed Sheer just like the cartoons xD