Pushed out of dome


A Behemoth just literally pushed Slim out of a dome. I’m not kidding, he rolled up and pushed Slim out with the knockback. To make things even more hilarious, Slim had 5% health left and getting pushed out made the monster lose the entire match. Hail to the gloriousness of bugs =)


Was the dome already up?


Well just evolve things, you can actually pounce trapper outside of his own dome and it shuts down in a second.


Yeah, game code from a while back changed it so if Trapper is ever outside the dome for 10 seconds the dome drops.


Its no longer 10 Seconds, its 1-2 max and then the dome drops.

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Did not know that…

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Late reply… But yes, the dome was up already. In fact it had been up for quite a few seconds already. All of the damage done to the medic was whilst inside the dome, when roll damage suddenly pushed the bugger out of the dome :crying_cat_face: