Push to talk [Resolved]

so there doesn’t seem to be a “help” section, or at least one i could find so I’ll just post this here. I’ve searched the forums and google and cant find a solution to my issue. I cant get my PTT to work like I hit my key-bind and it makes the sound that it recognizes me pushing the button but it won’t actually capture what I’m saying. and no my mic isn’t muted haha.

Try this:

The problem has been there since launch. It seems to affect a small amount of people and seems strictly connected to only Evolve.

Damn I already tried that, actually it was the first thing I tried but no cigar :frowning:

Is there a chance your mic isn’t set to the proper model in Steam?

Is your mic working in everything else?

If you go right now and press right click on the sound thingy down-right in the windows and click recording devices and speak to ur mic does it work?

I’ll double check it again when I get home but Evolve is the only game with issues

Alright thanks guys my old headset was still the default recording device I guess the setting wasn’t applying untill I restarted Evolve. All is well now thanks for the help it was greatly appreciated!!!

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Issue resolved!