Push to talk mic staying open in menus


I haven’t found the cause, but there’s usually one guy in the lobby or loading screens who’s mic is stuck open. This happened to me tonight, I have push to talk mapped, and it works fine in game, but in the lobby and loading screen it will stay open.

And yes I’ve asked people if they have open mic or push to talk, and they all have push to talk setup, but for some reason it stays open in the lobby and when loading.



I play with some folks who agree that whoever’s mic is left on has to sing for the duration until the next screen…it’s rather amusing! I usually go with the Follow the Daisy song!


I have this happen all the time, and the other players in the lobby have to endure my asthmatic wheezing that I can usually hide strategically through careful timing of my push-to-talk key.


That is actually fantastic haha.


Is this bug ever going to get fixed? It’s been around since the beginning, and it’s been nearly a year since release. I see people frequently encounter this bug. I know it’s not a priority bug fix, but with it be resolved in the near future?

It gets frustrating to have to mute yourself in game so you’re not always broadcasting, then having to unmute when you want to actually speak, which is in a hectic fight in most cases.


The bug occurs when you push to to talk right as the game ends or if a menu changes. All you have to do to make it go away is press the push to talk button once when the game has loaded whatever menu comes next.

Still a bother though, but you don’t have to mute and unmute yourself constantly after it happens :slightly_smiling:


Bugs like this have been fixed…yet at times they might rear their ugly head again after a patch but no worries, they get tweaked back in line again.


Never been fixed for me on PC. Also


I’ve never once seen this fixed, nor ever recall it mentioned it was fixed in a changelog.

Bloodish: Thanks.


Yeah I haven’t seen it fixed at any point either, but the workaround I mentioned has just been working for me, so I don’t think too much about it.

Glad to help :slightly_smiling: