Push -to-talk causes game to hitch


Whenever I release ‘G’ (my mapped P2T key) my game seems to hang for a few seconds, but then it seems to ‘catch up’ and run fine until I push and release ‘G’ again. Has been almost fatal at times (in-game, of course!) so I have to work it so that I cannot talk unless I’m in a safe place.

Out of curiosity, I turned P2T and kept the mic open and didn’t have a problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m using a Razer Kraken USB headset, if that matters.


Same thing happens to me. Did you find a fix?


Unfortunately no. However, I did notice that when I attempt to record something in Audacity, it hangs for few seconds after I press the “stop recording” button. Not sure if it is related but seems kind of similar in behavior. I wonder if that means it is something the OS is doing that is disagreeing with Evolve and Audacity. (I’m using Windows 8.1)