Pursuit Of Happyness


Just rewatched Pursuit Of Happyness for like the 50th time and the ending always get me. I love the movie. Absolutely love it.

Favourite movie of all time.

Who else loves it?


Oooooh, I haven’t seen this in forever. Need to go watch it again.

Damn you Blockbuster for abandoning us in our time of need.


can’t agree with you more. netflix, hulu and redbox are great and all, but blockbuster was the library version of them.

its like if public libraries all closed down because a new book app came out


EXACTLY. Redbox is awesome, and Netflix is cool. But like, where are you supposed to find all the old classics? I don’t even think Netflix will mail you movies anymore. Though I could be wrong. Blockbuster was always expensive, but you could find almost anything there.

Redbox will never have the classic movies.

And I hate some of their random choices; Iron Man 2. Where’s the first one? The third? Oh you have the second Thor, but not the first. OsbrikenrkfbsjBsjfkfbsnsnsnksbsbb Odin.


not only that but netflix and redbox rotate their selection. so netflix may have an awesome classic movie you enjoyed, but it got removed a week later because the contract ended.

i know that feeling. but i own all the DC/Marvel movies on dvd/blue-ray soo…yea.


You, are a lucky man. I had a lot of them, need to quit loaning movies to people.


I hate how it’s spelled. It’s spelled like I would’ve spelled it back in 6th grade lol


its VERY expensive. 0.o

there’s actually a reason for it being spelt that way


Oh I know it was on purpose. It just bugs me is all xD


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