Purchasing dlc's


Just want to know where we can buy the dlc’s hen they arrive and will they also be available on steam.
Also, if they release a whole bunch of hunters, monsters and maps, will they sell them in a pack so maybe 4/8 hunters, 1/2 monsters and 3/6 maps?


All maps will be free and it would be literally the first time you couldn’t buy the DLC for a game on steam through steam.


I am curious how hunters will be DLC’d. Selling a solo monster can easily make sense because its a team of 1, but hunters are in teams of 4 so will they be sold in 4-packs or singles (or both)? OR are hunters and monsters sold as a ‘generation’ pack (like how there’s tier 1, 2, and 3 of hunter/monster sets)?


I’m thinking you can buy Hunters individually, and have the option to buy that whole Tier for a reduced price.


Wouldn’t make sense having to buy assault when you only want support etc