Purchased Season Pass but Unable to Access Content


Hello everyone, I already submitted a ticket to 2K support, but while I await a respone I wanted to see if this issue is known.

I purchased the Evolve Season pass at GameStop on 2/10 for XboxOne. Now that the content has been released I am unable to access any of the Hunters or Behemoth. When I try to select them it says “Visit the Store to unlock other Characters.”

Any assistance with this issue would be appreciated. If anyone else has seen this issue let me know. This appears for me only on XboxOne, I have played a few matches already on PS4, and I love the design of the new characters.


Yeah, there’s several reports of the DLC not working on XboxOne at the moment. Expect a resolution very soon-- you’re not alone!


You are not alone, this is a known issue. We don’t know for sure but it seems like the content for X1 will not be unlocked until tomorrow. This could change later in the day though.


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Comforting to not be alone.


Don’t even worry about it.

I had a feeling this would happen the moment I heard tier 4 got released early.


It is odd, I have played at least 50 hours on both systems at this point and in my experience, 90% of all D/c’s and other issues like this have been on Xbox. I rarely get disconnects from my party on PS4, and had no issue downloading the DLC at all.

Not trying to start a one is better than the other, just using this game as the control, the variable has been the systems.


This issue is also affecting an unknown percentage of Ps4 users, myself included.