Purchased behemoth DLC


I purchased the behemoth DLC with my $29 from xbox live rewards. But I purchased the Dlc so That when I do get evolve I can play as this guy


Good, Gooood, Bob is love bob is life


Wait, you don’t have Evolve? O_o


lols yeah Im ready for BOB once I get evolve xD


I played the beta and I was a monster.


Too bad you’re on Xbone, i like helping nubz ^.-


Looking back on the Beta now…Everyone was SO BAD. :joy:


Yeah I know they were all pubs when I was monster and I would just be mean and leave the medic alive and toy around with her until the other hunters arrive and kill them all again except for the medic and I rinsed and repeated until the timer started.


Typically people can still be bad. ^.-


I was an all out monster player I try to always play as monster xD. When im not monster I as hunter was a terrible medic by constantly drugging a stage one goliath so it could not escape.


Yeah it was easier than the AI ^.^