Punishment time

You get punishment time for leave Matchs, for game frezze, for joining your friends when u in a game.
Please remove that from the game or max for 5 min.

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Today i get a frezze 25 min wait time piss me off.

What i say is remove this wait time thing and fix the freezes and glitches and bugs then replace it after it has been tested and is gone for good

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And super frustration for really good player when her friends are not online like me.
Join random lobby. People are in whit

  1. Whituot headset
  2. Use no mines whit Markov
  3. Take Medic and not heal any.

I think a lot of good player now what i mean. Only can do it wait for lose or left match and wait 2.
And times like 15 min or 25 min is NOT OKAY.