Punishment for monster players who refuse to fight inside Arena


There is no way in hell monster players can keep running away to avoid fighting inside Arena and regenerate armor behind every corner! It feels like Hunt. Very boring Hunt.


Try and split up, cut it off. Make sure Trapper is using their crowd control. If the Monster is just running in Arena, odds are he’s badly hurting health wise and that poke damage can win the game


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I think he is talking about Arena mode not Hunt


Mate… no.

He’s talking about Arena mode where not only are the locations preset, half of them are genuinely terrible.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - no half decent Trapper who takes himself even remotely serious would dome a stage 2 Monster with full health and full armor inside a cave or a location with 1 or more loops.
Yet sadly that’s about half the domes that Arena mode has to offer. Really disappointing.

Another thing I’ve also mentioned countless times before (because this is an issue that keeps popping up on the forums but nothing ever changes):

Assuming the upcoming title update doesn’t already address these concerns, TRS might need to ask themselves how many more complaints about Arena need to appear on the forums before they realize that it’s somewhat lackluster in its current state where no actual rules force either side to fight.


Well that’s fine and all… BUT he’s talking about Arena not Hunt. So this is just self promotion for the sake of self promotion. Therefore it kinda falls under just the spam category.


You guys forget that the monster wants to win too.


You forget that we know the Monster wants to win too, just not in the anti-fun way.

If our suggestions to get rid of toxic/trolling behavior in Arena mode happen to affect genuine Monster players too, then it only shows problems in the core mode itself.

I doubt it will, but we can always buff the Monster in any other way if truly deemed necessary. “Favors Monster” difficulty, stage 3, etc etc etc.
Plenty of ways to give the Monster an easier time that doesn’t involve it running away and hiding from the Hunters in a gamemode that screams “non-stop fighting”.


Point being it is not spam because I thought it was relevant. I only just realised he wasn’t talking about hunt.


Far as I was aware monster already loses on timer, and if 4 players between them can’t reliably stop the monster eating then they need to work out a better way of doing things


They have to be. Monster players are usually better off getting a strike or two and then running to armor up, but that can’t happen in Arena. So that disadvantage is offset by terrible dome locations.


I think he’s talking about the Monster running from the start of the match and not engaging in combat at all.


If I am not mistaken, isn’t there a timer that goes off if the monster or hunters doesn’t engage each other?


That’s not what arena mode is about. If they were all perfect awesome hunter domes it would be a bad time for monster. It’s supposed to be balanced.


I’m not saying it’s about perfect Hunter-favored domes. I’m saying it’s not enjoyable having a guaranteed loss every now and then because a cave dome like the one in Weather Control or Barracks happened to be chosen.


It’s supposed to be balanced, but lets face it… It’s not. Some domes are blatantly hunter favoured, while others are monster favoured. At the end of the day I imagine that TRS decided it would be better to have a larger pool of domes that could swing both ways, than having only two or three domes for a map.


They have five domes per map. And I think its intentional that they have some that are more favored one way or another for balance sake.

You start in a hunter favored map and they win and the next one is monster favored and he wins. Now its a tied game and I usually noticed in the last arena it seems to pick usually a neutral one.


And from logical standpoint it’s pure bullshit. Why? Because of numbers. If they’d did arenas in order “monster favored - hunters favored - balanced”, then yes. But if they put two domes in a row with fucking K2 climbing and loophole big as fucking Russian wheel, then you’re good as dead and might as well go make yourself a cup of coffee. Or hope that your opponent is incredibly stupid.


I have only seen that a few times, generally then the Trapper has to be on top of crowd control and the assault needs to play real Aggresive. We won’t melt through their health, but whenever we got a glimpse of the Monster we did damage and could keep on it for a bit.

I’ve found, when Monsters refuse to fight typically fall for easy gimmicks to, like body camping. I’ve won a couple games where the Trapper was chasing, got downed, and the Monster just stood there body camping, trying to kill him until he died. It’s these always-running-Monsters that are prone to tunnel visioning a target.


That’s weird. I haven’t come across this magical armour regeneration rate whereby a monster can recover more than a bar of armour in less than a year.