Punishing players who don't want to play wraith?


Here’s the deal, I know they don’t want players leaving a game early just to avoid a loss, but counting an early departure as a loss? Ridiculous. My internet goes out all the time (I’m in college), and every single time it does, guess who gets a loss? This guy. Also even after the wraith “fix” I still can’t stand playing her, she’s boring as hell to play against and I don’t want to spend 15 minutes chasing decoys. Whenever I would see I’m playing a wraith, I would leave the game, as a lot of players do. Now every time that I see wraith pop up, (which is like 3/4 of the time) I have to make a decision to either A: waste my time chasing decoys and most likely take a loss, or B:take a loss and pray that my next match isn’t a wraith. Not only did they make a monster that is boring as hell to play against, nerfed or not, but they also punish you now for not wanting to put up with this annoying gameplay. Maybe you could count it as a loss if you are playing the game for more then 2 minutes and quit? Or something of the sort. Also if you join a game 12 minutes in and leave immediately it STILL COUNTS AS A LOSS. How can you punish me for leaving a game I didn’t even start in? I don’t like playing games that already started but thanks to our genius boys at turtlerock, I have to. This is such bullshit. Turtlerock needs to refine this leave for a loss system because I’m done with it.


You could also just finish the round, because decoys are not OP anymore. If you shoot the real Wraith she is visible for quite a while.

And let’s be honest here: Who deserve to get the round ruined if you choose to play with a poor connection? Just you, the one who choosed to take the risk or the 4 other innocent players? I mean, in a perfect world no-one would loose connection, but this is a world full of flaws. It’s all about helping as many people at the expence of the least.


Nobody should get punished if I lose connection… The game keeps going even if I get kicked out of it. So if the game keeps going, how do I get a loss? Also the decoy is not as good as it used to be, this is true, but it still doesn’t change how boring wraith is to play against. The wraith is beatable but at what cost? Boring. Fucking. Gameplay. That’s the cost. I’ve played probably 45 full games against wraith or so and I just sort of decided not to play her again, she’s boring. Now that plan is coming to a halt just because turtlerock doesn’t want me avoiding her. The other two monsters are so much fun to play against even if I lose, but I get to play them about 1/4 of the time.


I don’t think wraith is boring at all (ah opinions we all have them :slight_smile: ) I always engage stage on with 3 wb an fight for real. I don’t hide I go straight for it, and it seems to be very disorienting . And even fighting her seems fun to me because its so different, and a bit nerve wracking with a good player.


the reason behind this picture is a reactionary to what people do in dark souls. see dark souls has a PvP system what you can get invaded by another player and you have to either fight the person or run for your life till he leaves/you get to the boss room. most tend to fight. however there are some less then ideal members of society that . . . when they are on the verge of losing BOOM they pull the plug to there internet . . . and so it doesn’t count as a loss to them . . . sure in a perfect world because you accidentally lose connection you wouldn’t be punished but there is NO WAY to tell the difference between legitimately DCing or assholes who unplug there net to avoid a loss


I actually agree with taking a loss for quitting a match. Otherwise, you’d have more people with 200 wins and no losses.

And tone down the vulgarity a bit, there’s no need for it. You’re frustrated with a game aspect and that’s fine, but there’s other more constructive ways to convey that frustration.

And it depends on the monster player. I’ve played some wraith players that run all game but I’ve run into some awesome wraith players that are very active when it comes to fighting.


going off what the @Therubexcube said if you want to know how to beat a cowardly wraith heres a tip. hyde. use him. he kicks wraiths ASS because her decoy becomes useless pretty much against him. as she takes damage she is revealed and since hyde does afterburn damage when she pops decoy you STILL know where she is

if she is hiding in a corner throw a toxic grenade and flush the cowardly wraith out. by the time she finds a new hole in the dome to hide in BOOM your toxic grenade is recharged. rinse repeats does wonders


I see the whole Wraith thing just like you, although I don’t care about statistics. Whenever I see a Wraith
or see somebody picking it, I quit. I gave it another try after the patch and won 4 out of 7 matches which
is more than pre patch, but it bored me to hell just like before. It’s a good example of something that is
great in theory but just doesn’t work in a real (virtual) life situation.


Play trapper, get good, catch wraith at stage 1 and stop whining


Is the little number under the WLR column that important to you?

As for the wraith herself. I dont mind fighting her. At all. I used to -loathe- chasing the pre-nerf wraiths. But post fix? I actually enjoy it (generally). Shes tricky but fair to catch, and generally more engaging in combat. I think the radius on her warp blast is a bit tooo extreme, and feel they nerfed super nova a smiiidge too hard (Id rather see the radius of WB brought down, and the duration of nova dialed back up)- But ya, overall. Im fine with her. But thats just me of course. I dont really see the problem with wraith from a hunters perspective.


Ya my win ratio is bad due to disconnects so I don’t care about it for that reason just my deaths


So why not have the decoy vanish if the invisible Wraith is fired upon?