Punish People For Using God Domes


I think everyone agrees that god domes are not an actual tactic, but just a fancy way of cheating. The only people who think its a tactic are people who use it all the time to get cheap wins. If anyone is caught on tape doing a god dome on purpose, they should get temporarily banned for it. I have never personally seen a single god dome, so Im definately not biased saying this, I have just seen plenty of people getting screwed over by it, and its a dumb way of winning a game. The same can be said for rockwalling the generator. If this method doesnt work, we could also make it so if a monster cant fit through an area the dome gets bigger until the monster can fit through every passage, which seems incredibly difficult to do.


You do know the chances of actually pulling off a god dome is slim to nothing? You can easily mess up


Of course you can mess up, but you have pretty high chances of getting a free win.

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If we start to ban peope from using available mechanics to their advantage, where do the limit stop?
Should hunters waiting at the relay be banned? Should monsters running around the dome rather than fighting be banned?
Should anyone combing vortex and LS as Kraken be banned?

No, this is one slippery slope. Let’s focus on fixing issues and instead ban them in competitive and among friends.


When did I ever say that? People should be banned for cheating, and those arent cheating. I know this probably isnt the best way to fix tge problem, but can you think of a better one?

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You suggested banning people using god domes here:

Your definition of cheating:

Where is the limit? Why isn’t traversal spam fitting within that definition? Wraith stunlocking? Kraken’s stun combo?
As I said, once we start to punish people for not playing the way we want, it’s a slippery slope.

Not fleeing-to-three without getting any strikes on the trapper + being relay baited (You can smell the trapper before he/she domes you and get you stuck) are some ways to counter it while we wait for TRS to come up with a fix. Though God domes might never be fixed, because it would be very punishing if you had even a single false positive “god dome scan”.


Can you define the god dome for me?


So we should punish players for well placed and timed domes

Well then let’s punish support whenever they make a clutch cloak

And medic any time they keep someone up with healburst

And let’s punish assault for a well timed shield

Screw it who needs class skills anyways?


I know, this probably is a terrible way of fixing the problem. This thread if anything is just for me to call anyone who uses god domes a dickhead.

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lol I made a topic awhile ago for this very question. General agreement is that there is any portion of the dome where the monster can’t reach the hunters.


Banning for “intentionally throwing a god dome” won’t work imo because anyone who uses them will say “it was an accident, It will never happen again”. lol It’s a game mechanic and IF it needs to be removed, I believe that TRS would have to be the ones to remove it, not some type of report/ban system.


Um, no you cant.

All you need is 30 minutes in a solo match to “master” god doming. It is literally standing in a certain location and hitting a button.

But banning people for it in such a small community is a bit much.

Howevwr, on the other side of the coin: all the people comparing god doming to things like wraith/kraken stunlock and flee till 3 are grossly overexaggerating the strength of these strategies compared to a god dome. Those strategies have counters. Most god domes dont unless you have a way to turn noclip on.


I don’y think there is a solution really. I have run into a god dome ONCE in my time as a hunter (maybe more, idk) where a kraken got stuck between a pillar and the wall. should the trapper have been punished? no, it was a complete accident and we won because headshots+minigun= dead kraken.

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Ah, I see…then I consider it cheese if done purposefully.