Pugs Just Don't Do Well In This Game

I see some pugs do really well it’s not like being in a pug means they don’t know how to play. I’ve played since the game came out and I still don’t have anyone I play with on a regular basis or a way to make a “premade”. . I’ve noticed the people that play in premades seem to already have a set group of guys they play with and they aren’t really interested in expanding on the community and getting to know other people.

Huge issue here is not voice communication. You can’t work as a team without actually communicating. You can ping your little dots all round but it still doesn’t tell me what you want me to do.

I know my job very well when I play but sometimes if we do our jobs in tandem it can really devastate a situation.

Not true. I did slim solo. Just run defend for stage 2 against behemoth

run rescue for stage 3 and before you revive survivors use the spore launcher on wildlife. I was getting 5-6 a round. Got it done fast.

I didn’t know about the wildlife for the third star at the time and the second star I did in defend solo as well.

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And pugs aren’t like terrible if you saw the gameplay that was an average team there has been much worse than that but the thing about pugs is they’re limiting potential skill by not communicating, not organized their roles and character selections to match up with each other, and not agreeing for certain things. I’ve seen certain pug players just run to relay at Stage 3 despite the Monster being close and a lot of other things.

The title is that they don’t do well and not once I did say they’re utterly terrible just that it’s embarrassing how we lose because it’s usually due to poor coordination and teamwork. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but I am above the average monster’s skill level and if you don’t use teamwork against me I’ll know it and I’ll use it to my advantage. Even when I play against my friends in customs I can win when they’re organized and everything but I notice how much closer it was or potentially how close I was to losing and then there’s games where my friends demolish me entirely because of the way they coordinated the game.

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Oh, and not to sound like a complete retard, but what does the term ‘Pug’ mean, in the sense of this topic?

Pick up group

Or pick up game I forgot one of those two

Ok thanks!

The problem with the constant pubstomping is that it’s gutting the playerbase even more… I so hope people will be coming back when ranked finally hits live and everyone can actually have a decent experience according to their ‘skill-level’ without getting constantly frsutrated.

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I only play in pugs at the moment. My WLR overall is 1.5. Not great but I win more then I lose.

And I must’ve played as a hunter 85-90% of the time

They are so useless sometimes I do agree (I mean who on earth rez’s someone when laz is on your team and the monster has run away! Kills me every time) but it’s definitely not a lost cause

I reckon as the months go on and the casual players fade away, pugs will be stronger and stronger. I already feel that it’s improved and it’s only been 2 months-ish

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for a minute I thought you were talking about actual pugs playing video games and I was like “no shit they’re bad! they don’t have hands!” and then I realized how stupid I was and I lol’d

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One thing I do to get people to communicate is break the ice. As soon as I join with new players I simply greet them, it’s usually enough to get people into a more social mind set.

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I had a guy play as Lazarus on nest. My team and I are attacking an egg, the monster shows up and I realize Laz isn’t here with us. Where is he ? Cloaked across the map attacking an egg alone. Wow.

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Yeap, its the nature of this type of game, but Evolve is quite extreme when it comes to teamwork. There is still carry potential in the other games that you listed, in that, somebody who is very good at the game can still make up for somebody terrible. Evolve is very cruel in this aspect :sob:. A single hunter who doesn’t do his part equates to gg for the entire team.

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This is so true there is 0 carry potential in evolve unless you have maybe 3other strong players and the baddy is playing assault. Where as i used to play alot of dota and i was pretty good i would average 4lasthits a wave(for those who that means something to) and would play a strong carry hero and i cold make up for 1-2 baddies against the average team no issue. I consider myself above average at evolve but it is impossible to make up for an incompetent trapper or medic.