Pugs Just Don't Do Well In This Game


Time after time I’ve played against pugs and time after time I win. When I’m on the Hunter team with pugs it’s almost embarrassing how badly we lose or how bad the monster is. Even at high level games (and yes I know level doesn’t mean skill but it means some experience) it’s almost disappointing how people still don’t play well or even bother communicating.

This is just one of the many games I’ve played against pugs and it’s embarrassing for them. I’ve easily done Stage 1 wins against pugs without breaking a sweat.

To Fellow Monsters

It won’t change, it’s the nature of this type of game.

Such as in:

Nothing will change that.


They’re good practice :wink:


In BF4 almost the entire team are randoms but yeah I get what you’re saying.


Lol are they? They’re worst than bots sometimes and if I want practice I play customs against my friends.


Lol if you think about it its easy character masteries.
The typical pug: teamwork? Nah its cool I got snipe bro


Yeah but I have everything elite so it’s just boring for me :unamused: and yeah some people are too selfish with mastery farming in public games that it’s ridiculous


Lol I feel bad for pugs sometimes, they come into the game to get farmed.
My masteries I farmed defend, nest, and hunt on solo mode.


Lol yeah solo makes everything easy for masteries except Slim. Slim you need Custom games with people ._.


Speaking of farming pugs…


Slim is royal pain, less and less of my buds are online now so I have to go pug matches >.<


Sometimes pugs do really well, other times pugs do not do very well. It’s the circle of life.



Lol I’ve only seen premade groups do well


Too bad for you I guess.


I only play pugs maybe get invited to play with someone whos added me once in awhile. Pugs really aren’t that bad. Sometimes you lose but most of them know what they are doing.


If they have mics it’s possibly a bit better but sometimes there’s that one player who won’t listen. Your team is only as good as it’s worst player.


I’ve encountered like 4 maybe 5 players who wouldn’t listen and I’m pretty sure that was because they were foreign and didn’t speak english and they weren’t even bad players. Even without mics as long as one or two people are talking we tend to move as a group


Lol maybe your experiences are way better than mine then because the team I get matched with always make me wanna cry


I see some pugs do really well it’s not like being in a pug means they don’t know how to play. I’ve played since the game came out and I still don’t have anyone I play with on a regular basis or a way to make a “premade”. . I’ve noticed the people that play in premades seem to already have a set group of guys they play with and they aren’t really interested in expanding on the community and getting to know other people.