Pug gif/pics

this forums need moar pugs!
(note be4 you close this thread and link me a gif/pics thread, this thread is specificly for pugs)
post your pug pics and/or gifs here!

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My pirate pug, Mugsy.


2 cute 4 me

So cute!! :heart_eyes:



im in my chair, laughing my butt off

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I think that’s the right website I can’t check cuz I’m on mobile at the moment

Pug gifs:

He doesn’t like that toy.

This pug is quite ornery

Silly puppies

Here’s a couple pictures of my pug. His name is Goku. He is almost a year and a half old now.

This is the day he came home. His homecoming was March 15th. Same day as my birthday.

This is him grown up a little bit. This picture is from about 3 or 4 months ago.

Here’s two videos I made the other day - they’re short only about 30 seconds long. He doesn’t really seem to like my Pop Goliath figure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(That’s not me by the way - I am not a lady)



Lemme know if those links don’t work. I’ve never used that website before. And they’re kind of dark so fullscreen mode is recommended for you pug-viewing pleasure.

I have many more pictures of Goku - if you want some more just lemme know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


totally spent 20 minutes of my life watching that

Guilty confession…I sometimes tie socks to my pug’s tail to watch her spin muwahahaha!

Oh yeah…and um…Sledge approves of this thread!


quick no one tag midnight roses or shell kill this thread cuz pugs look like daisy

I’m out… This thread is not for me…

Nah, I love pugs. They’re adorable.

@Shin Good. Leave before you post another rant on how pugs are awful. GTFO.

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im gonna have to agree with MR on this, post a pug or GTFO
also, do any of you mother*ckers ever get any sleep!?!

But pugs are awful a sneeze can make their eyes pop out. @Shin I agree pugs aren’t cute they are just sad

@reactiveisland5 I sleep once a moon cycle

GTFO or face the wrath of the puggineers

Just dropping this amazing piece of art here.
I mean Caira as a pug, that’s adorable.

Credits to @Iseanna


2 cute 4 me

Was that directed at me?

yes pug assaulter