Pubs, Please stop picking Slim


I know he’s shiny and new(ish). I know he’s a Basilisk and that’s, like, totally cool, man. I know he goes all pew pew with his bug gun and you’re, like totally contributing with your DPS’s and all that, but you know what contributes more? Keeping the team alive.

It’s kinda hard to do that when you’re not hitting anything and are healing about as well as Laz, if he decided to just pop his healing field once or twice a minute in a Dome because, well, the Monster isn’t the Behemoth this time and needs a bit of aiming here and there.

Think of the poor Hunters. Keep them alive and pick Caira, or Val, or Laz even. But preferably Caira or Val and by that I mean Caira.

<3 Caira. Who’s a good medic? Who’sdabestmedic? Yes you are!


Oh boy, another one that had a bad day : P


but every time a pub picks a $7.50 slim and loses i :cry: every time


Ah well, let them get used to it, pubs need time to learn, so do we.


Also, I know it’s a total secret and all that, but he has a healing drone! You can use it to heal! It’s cray-cray, I know, but can you use it in the match? If you already know about this super-secret-character hack, it works better if you send the drone to injured hunters instead of leaving it on someone that’s a-ok, mmkay?


I used to have the same reaction when I saw Parnell as Assault. My wife sees them and asks me if they’re going to be “Parnell-ing around.” Don’t ask what that is, I don’t know. All I know is that it’s not DPSing, that’s for sure!

Wait a sec… I still do. :frowning:


You know when you’re playing in a regular matchmaking game, you’re a pub too, right? Also, casuals don’t read the forums. It’s not players’ fault that not all characters are balanced - they don’t have to be limited to one character, especially after just buying a new one, because some people can’t stand to play without a min-maxed comp.


Totally know that, and really, I don’t much care what medic the person plays as long as they’re gonna, yanno, medic and maybe, perhaps, once in a while do some healing. Makes 'em more useful amirite? I see lots of Slims that… don’t medic. They facetank the monster 'cuz pew-pew!

I’ve played with Laz in matches that kept the group alive better, no Revivifier required!


Heh, pug complaining about other pugs… reminds me of me.


Slim = Good DPS, Average Healing, and an Over-sized talking Grasshopper.

Ciara = Great Healing, Speed Boost Bonus, Average/Poor DPS

(Bonus Points: Ciara is a sexy lady.)

I vote for Ciara :heart:


Pug Pride! Truly, is there any greater test of a gamers skill than throwing them into a group of random people without mics and say “co-operate, go forth and succeed!”.

…pre-mades are so much more fun, and much less frustrating. Les sighs.


Get on the mic and ask for medicking. Heal Burst is just unfortunate right now - it needs a universal buff. I was playing Evac today with a lot of Slim, and man…

I lol when mediocre Monster players whine about OP because they ran into a premade. There’s not very much OP about the Hunters that can’t be overcome by even a decent Stage 2 Monster. After 400+ hours I can say unequivocally the game is balanced strongly in favor of Monsters, regardless of level 40 win rate - it’s not 50/50 at Stage 2, and only uncommon levels of coordinated teamplay overcome their massive DPS and health pools. It’s somewhat by design, but PuGs are a nightmare because of it. Only with practiced premades is it an even playing field.


As amazing as it is to go into matchmaking with a pre-made team, sometimes no one will be on and you will be forced to jump into the magical realm of pugs. When I find myself doing that I keep one thing in mind, I will play my role to the best of my ability’s and think of nothing other than my role requirements.


So… You’re just venting about pugs? It’s not just Slims that are bad, there are plenty other bad players that use other characters.


Caira is master race. Right after Daisy.


Eh, there’s a difference between a bad Caira and a bad Slim. At least with Caira you can aim in the general direction of the group, 'nade, 'nade, 'nade (as long as the gun is glowing green!) and get some decent healing. Maybe prolong a life or two. With Slim, if you’re not at least hitting your target, and positioning yourself correctly (and not using his super-secret healing drone), you’re really not doing anything at all besides letting everyone die.

It’s kind of like the difference between a bad Markov and a bad Parnell/Torvald. One character is going to be suboptimal, the other is going to be totally useless.


The man has a point though. If you want to actually play to win you should always pick Caira as the medic.

Personally I hate Caira. Her playstyle is boring and her healing is overwhelming in many ways.
She has idiot carrying potential but also extreme power when playing with a good team.

Val cant do anything against a monster who turns around and focuses her or the trapper down well.

Laz gives a free stage 3 for the monster and runs a huge risk of wiping at stage 1-2 if he ever gets caught.

Slim is Lazarus but with a focus on dps. Unfortunately his dps is not nearly good enough to justify picking him over caira and his healing no where near as game changing as Lazarus. Even Val is better if only for her utility.


Fine I will take my elite slim elsewhere
My team is always alive. as long as I’m alive and I’m pretty good at living


Maybe they’re trying to get their masteries by letting teammates go down. I don’t agree with it by any means, but it’s possible that’s what’s happening.


If you’ve got aiming skills and keep your team alive, you’re one of the few, the proud, the Slims that people want to see in a group, not the Slims who should really be Caira!