Publicize the facts about AI


Another gamespot article today and the comment section has a lot of “I’d be more interested if it were coop!”

Now to me personally, 4 v 1 is the main selling point but it seems a lot of people might pass because they are intimidated by competitive MP. Most articles don’t seem to mention the AI and since it has been discussed here at length, it may be worth getting some of these news sites to report on it.


Yeah, kind of sucks because we’ve talked about it in just about every interview we’ve done. It was really important to us to be able to retain the ability for just you and three of your buds to take down an AI monster.


I’m not even one of you guys and yet everytime I read complaints about no coop, I get frustrated lol.


Well, as we continue down the road we’ll keep talking about it. Eventually it’ll sink in. :0\


I think a trailer or something that emphasizes the fact that you don’t NEED 5 people to play the game would be helpful in getting the message out. As somebody who follows Evolve closely, it’s frustrating when I listen to podcasts or read previews from sites and hear the host/author misstate the facts. For instance, I enjoy the CAGcast ( guys) but Wombat recently was talking about Evolve and he thought it was 6 hunters, 6 maps, 6 monsters. Interviews are great, but they don’t get posted to news sites quite like new trailers tend to.


Actually, I think this would fit into this thread but how capable are AI hunters at finding a monster hiding behind foliage, and how accurate are the AI? I imagine an AI Griffin who never misses harpoons would create a rage fest


The game features so many characters, items, and strategies, that we’ll undoubtedly be making adjustments to AI over time, but rest assured we’re taking it very seriously for ship. A lot of effort is going into ensuring a compelling experience with any combination of players and AI.

Player hunter squad vs. AI monster? Check
Player monster vs. AI hunter squad? Check
Player monster vs. two player hunters and two AI hunters? Check

All combinations are supported, and we’re working hard to make sure AI enemies pose a fun challenge, and that AI teammates provide the right amount of support. It won’t be easy, and it’s riddled with “design gray areas”, so your feedback will be extremely important!


D’you think you could give us some stats on AI?