Public player logic


Post the finest logics of public players you’ve ever come across.

I’ll start with:

“Oh hey I’m Assault/Medic, let’s abandon the team and go look for the Monster by myself half way across the map, I don’t need their help I’ll kill the monster alone. Sneak attacks? What’s that? I have my shield/healing doesn’t matter L0L”


“I’m the last one alive? Better Rush the stage 3 monster by myself!”

“Oh no! Somebody’s been incapped! EVERYBODY RUSH TO REVIVE AT THE SAME TIME!!!”

Just a couple who annoy me


when a las uses the revive button instead of the lazurus device


Biggest annoyance, a medic who does no healing what so ever!

Other things:
-Assault who does not engage the monster
-Slow reaction trappers
-Support who do not use there support to full effect, played with a Sunny the other day, playing as trapper, trapped the monster but sadly the monster was out for me, could of really used a bit of distance, but nope, just keep on nuking him Sunny! Monster downed me as soon as medic and assault arrived.


Trappers in particular: “everybody has decided to set up at the relay because the monsters at stage 3 and near enough at full armour? Better go dome him 200 meters away on my own!”

Any: “why is that Behemoth just stood in that small enclosed area with no elevation points - it’s like he’s waiting for us to go in there to fight him or something - lets go!”

Parnell/Hydes: “this high ground over here 50 meters away from the fight would be a perfect place to stand - suits my characters loadout perfectly!”

I could sadly do these all day - these are all people I’ve played with and this is how I imagine their thought processes to be :sweat_smile:


Oh god yes that’s one of the best.

Support “My team is dying, the Medic is already dead but I WILL SAVE THEM ALL, never give in, never surrender!”
Me on mic “No no no no, run away you fool!”
Monster “Trollololololol”

This one pisses me off a lot:

“Oh the Medic is being eaten by a plant/Megamouth, better keep chasing the monster!”


Trappers who follow the monster instead of cut him off. :(((((((((((((((((((


The one to top all of them. A random Markov who ONLY USES THE ASSAULT RIFLE! What is wrong with your faaaaaaaaace?!


Assault rifle actually has higher DPS than the Lightning gun though


“C’mon team, let’s blindly follow Daisy!”


A couple of these have been said, but:

-Lazarus reviving instead of using the device

-“Oh, the monster just hit stage 3. Let’s abandon the clear trail and camp the relay to wait!”

-As the trapper, “The monster clearly wants to fight and we’re already pressed up against the relay. I think I’ll dome him so he can massacre us all in close quarters! Oh, we’ve gotten his shield and health down and he’s decided to run, but my dome is on cooldown. Damn.”

-As Hyde or Hank, “There goes the monster! Let me just chuck a grenade or drop an orbital barrage right on my team as we’re chasing it!”

-As a trapper in any mode besides hunt, “Dome? What’s that?”


Not to mention on console you can spam the ADS for the auto aim so you can get headshots with it


"Wow, Torvald sure is good against Behemoth! Let’s all set up inside the really cramped power relay room in the Refueling Tower! And I’m going to jetpack onto this pipe and make damn sure that every single mortar will hit the ceiling two feet above me! And I’ll just keep trying this ten times while the Behemoth pounds my team into paste, not even acknowledging the lack of damage being done or the fact that our Bucket advised setting up outside in the open two minutes ago with sentries and harpoons!

Huh, wonder why we lost…"


“I’m Caira the medic. What’s that trapper? You’re dying? I better help you out with napalm grenades!”



Raaaaage against that last part.

I’ve won Defend so many times because of stalling the Monster and Minions with the dome but almost nobody without me telling them to has ever used the dome by themselves.

It’s like by far the best item in Defend and therefore nobody shall use if…

“I’ll just be Lazarus every match, he can bring people back from the dead that’s all they need not like the Monster will ever catch me with my Cloak”

^ one of the worst I swear. Yes, pick the least functional Medic every match thanks very much.


Not when they aren’t using mines, or shield. Basically they must be handing the controller to their child.


Ha, I totally agree. If you dome the monster when it tries to run, you can kill it at the first or second objective without it even making it to the third and if you’re good, you can get the minions too. I swear I’m the only trapper I’ve played with who uses the dome outside of hunt. Not even the bots use their dome. It’s weird.

Also, I see people picking Laz constantly and it’s a mystery to me. Most of the time we’re running around with half health and when we do get killed, dude revives us instead of using the device. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great Lazarus players, but damn.


I love it when the Medic is the last man standing and instead of finding a save spot to hide for his teammates to drop he goes after the monster and shoots at it - this is only topped when the monster has full armor and health :joy:

Same goes for Assault, it’s just to funny when they are the last person alive and they put their shield on and go full throttle against a stage 3 monster

And last but not least Abe Trappers who think they are good trapper by simply putting a dart into every living creature on the planet instead of tracking the monster which usually results in a stage 3 fully armored full health monster fight


I cry everytime. Happened two times in the last few weeks. Best one was definitely this: Monster is already spotted, red dots everywhere a 100 meters off. Trapper nowhere to be seen and another 100 meters behind the whole team until he announces in a pretty melancholic voice ‘Guys, just follow Daisy’.


I actually don’t see that a lot, only when the Lazarus Device is obviously out of battery.

But what I do see is the other two players permanently at critical health because they didn’t pick health regen…

Like dude I get it as Lazarus you have the security of being last alive…but we’re never going to win if you just stand on a rock miles away and heal yourself, do you…not see the problem? >.<

"Hi I’m level 40 and have obviously spent considerable time playing the game to get to such a level…but what’s a tactic?