Public Matchmaking Needs To Be Fixed


I was just wondering if TRS was planning to fix the current state of public matchmaking because I find it to be very annoying at times. For example when I am trying to find a match and end up being placed in a game that has already started usually as an almost dead monster or part of a failing hunter team. I figure its like this because some people who know they are about to lose quit their game and the matchmaking just fills that slot. When I am put into a unsalvageable game like this I just leave myself and end up having to wait for the cool down timer to expire. Sometimes it takes an hour for me to find a good match and that suck because I really like this game but thing like this kind of ruin the experience.


Stay, vote restart or just die and play the next


the problem is that all people have to vote with YES, and if 1 person don’t wants the restart you’re screwed


Untrue. MacMan has said that it takes one Hunter and the Monster. That’s all.


And thats where the “or” comes in.


But that monster, almost never says yes.

So all 4 hunters need to restart match, because they have 3 people who got bots, and can’t pick a perk? You’re fucked. Have fun with that hunters!

And then the monster wants to restart, because he blows at the game; and was found early?

1 moronic hunter says yes. And poor sad little hunters. ^.-

We’ve got it rough.


The Monster Player nearly never says ‘yes’ when you vote for restart , because you know… people are idiots.
And that’s why this voting system does not work and therefore it’s garbage.

this only reflect the biggest issue evolve has in my opinion. it’s a shooter with asymmetrical gameplay but it uses an old school symmetric voting and matchmaking system. But this won’t work for evolve. they have to find new ideas.


I think the penalty’s for leaving match’s need to be harsher leave one match 10min ban leave 3 1hour ban leave 5matchs in a day and enjoy your 24hour ban if you leave 10games in a week enjoy your month long ban.


before they do this, they really need to improve matchmaking first. in a game where time is your biggest enemy and where you have to keep pushing right from the beginning, joining a running game is mostly a guaranteed loss for the one who got thrown into the game. no one wants to get thrown into running games if you can’t restart them.


I think my changes would cut down on the leaving thus lowering the amount of in progress games to join. I remember when gaming was a niche and honorable pass time everyone knew the rules and everyone obeyed them, Then the Xbox360 came along and ruined everything with its CoD generation.


They would also generate a lot of negative comments. I’m all for harsher leaving penalties, but before they can move to that step, they also need to improve matchmaking.

Most of the games in progress I join are very early games (between 18-19 mins) which shows that it is not SOOO hard to fill in missing spots. If it’s that easy, then increase the lobby timer before the game starts to give it time to fill.

While I have plenty of unflattering things to say about the CoD generation, gamers have always been jerks to each others. Good ol’ times always look brighter in retrospect :slight_smile:


Guess your right grass id all ways greener and nostalgia is all ways rose tinted.


Here’s a thought: when you’re going into a game, you have 3 options.

  1. Monster only, for the Monster players.
  2. Hunters only, for the Hunter players. Has a preference list, but only for Hunter roles.
  3. A “Don’t Care” choice which works just like the current matchmaking.

If you choose 1, you’ll rarely ever spawn in as a Hunter, if you choose 2, you may not get your role but you’ll have a 95% chance to be a Hunter. Factoring in a margin of error due to bugs, or an internal system that has a maximum search time before defaulting to the current setup so that people can just play without playing Lobby Simulation, it’ll most likely alleviate the frustration that players have when someone who doesn’t want to play a Monster/the Hunters get those roles. How hard would it be to code and implement? I have no idea. I’m not a programmer.

Edit: also, why can’t a player back out of Hunters/Monster in the role choice screen to snag up that empty slot on the other side? Monster just backed out/disconnected from the lobby? Feel like playing a round of Monster? Get out of the Hunter choice screen and pick up Monster instead of waiting for matchmaking to do it for you, or just fighting against a bot.


The only thing your changes would cut down is the already small playerbase.
We need a better matchmaking system, not punishments for people who can’t stand the terrible one currently in place.


But evolve crashes a lot as well sometimes 3 in a day will players be penalized for this too?


The crashes wll be fixed soon hopefully.


I play a lot of monster and no I don’t vote to restart. Most of the time this happens if because a lone hunter gets eaten and killed by other a plant, or mega mouth. Be smart, stay in a group and if your group is too dumb to keep itself alive you desire the strike. The map trying to kill you it’s what gives the monster enough seportation to evole.

Read the pregame hunter tips! Many things on Shar will kill a lone hunter, no monster required. Listen read and learn it’s not my fault.

I also see a lot of hunters want to restart if they haven’t seen me at all by the time I hit stage 3. I earn this by out thinking the hunters and I’m not going to restart because the team can’t track.


All the times I have tried to restart a match were because of glitches and bugs which evolve has a lot of. Sometimes I will get an understanding monster but most like you do not vote to restart.


Never, because when I glitch as the monster I’m bombarded with damage until I come out of the glitch and have to continue the fight or die glitched. Fair play, I don’t get a restart when I glitch and lose 90%of my health I have to deal with it or quit. You get the same treatment.