Pubg - player-unknown-battlegrounds


I’m still holding out hope for a PS4 release… :confused:


Apparently, the game runs like ass on the Xbox One X


Esports ready


They fixed the issue with the server lag finally in like 2 months. Plays like butter and I always get 100 frames with only a 1060 3gb graphics card. Wonderful.



To be fair, while EA got a lot of flack, I’m so surprised this hasn’t been completely blown up by now. :frowning:



What I meant by that is the amount of flack for releasing something shitty.



Disagree as there are numerous issues including bugs that make it single digit FPS as you’re falling. Besides, when has IGN ever done a quality piece of journalism? :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ve fallen a lot. Rock Paper Shotgun and Kotaku put up much better pieces.

I guess it’s because one is paid journalism and the others are not.


Hahahahaha… 10/10 would IGN again.


Looks how my game runs when I have bad internet.


Ok people I see you can buy the clothes etc on steam but what about Xbox? I’m liking the game got 2nd place on my 5th duos game :grinning:


:ok_hand: First five game :hatched_chick: dinner for me :joy:. I’ve been working on getting more kills lately I have only got #2 with 6 kills. Me and the wife have been playing a lot of duos as we always getting in top 15 and highest #2.


Another chicken dinner 3 man this time


This need to be it’s own thing. Click on the image to see the entire thing.


:joy: I play on Xbox one and before patch 9 this game was very hard to play almost truly random what would happen in fire fights and still to this day it takes a original Xbox 30-45 seconds to render buildings,weapons etc upon drop while someone playing on a Xbox one x grabs a gun right away and kills a original Xbox owner.


I’ve stopped playing this game and went to Fortnite. And to be honest, the game is actually pretty fun and more optimized than PUBG.

PUBG will notice soon enough that they’re losing players because they haven’t focused on optimizing the game more than they should.


Fortnite is to cartoonish for me. I like realistic graphics and play. Honestly PUBG isn’t that bad on PC the thing is with me I don’t yet play well with K&M and more less get rekt trying to play with controller. Surprisingly my PC with a slightly OC fx 6300 and gtx 750 ti play the game at 1080p and between 55-65 fps on medium settings.