Pub Cast: 4/29/2016 @3:00pm PST >> Discussing the Macropatch <<


Hosted by aSeeds and featuring Puggims, Insane_521 and GrizzleMarine as guests, we’ll be talking about the latest update to Evolve today on

The show is gonna be going live in 15minutes, so look forward to seeing you all there. Should be a good time :slight_smile:

"The Macropatch" - Micro Patch Discussion [4/29/2016]


Ho man, this is gonna be schweet!



Edited the title because typo


I was told there would be Disucssing.




Good stream :smiley: . Glad to have taken part of it.


It’s there a recording of the stream I can watch? I’d like to hear some of the conversations. Was at work all day : P