Pub Behavior


I just had a pub lvl 13 tell me this game was one sided toward the hunters while he played wraith and continued to use decoy right in front of us. He told us we were cowards when the support cloaked and we avoided his attacks.


I feel your pain. I had a trapper who ran off, solo’d a Goliath, then Rage quit when he died and we lost.


one time a lazurus ran off by himeself killing some blitzleopards. i pounced him to death and he left right then


I can’t.


Ha…hahaha…hahahahahahahahahahaha no way someone said that. I can’t even comprehend that logic. I do find it hilarious though.


Anyway he’s right. Until you are a pro monster player and you play ONLY monster forever, it’s impossible to win as a random monster even if you have some basics.


So he expects the support to just let himself get attacked? Lol!

That’s pub behavior for ya.


he was level 13, so he probably played just 5 games … what do you expect? in low levels people don’t understand all abilities and tactics.


In level 35-40 range i still meet players that are basically free meal for the monster to eat and well vice versa from monsters prospective


You really shouldn’t criticise others unless your own performance is 100%faultless.


Ive played with some 12 to 13 year olds that are actually pretty good


Yeah but she said level 13, not age 13.


Uh… Well same for them too I guess


Oh man pubs are a wonderfull thing.

Tho i’m always trying to say good things.I have never got into a fight with anyone.Like 2 weeks ago i was playing trapper and people where telling me at mics:Oh my god you are the worst trapper ever, and other stuff like that.Truth is i do suck as trapper xD .I told em sorry and next round i wont pick him again.

Thing is our community is kinda small.And the chances are almost certain that you will meet again with anyone you play.So instead of each game saying why did you pick Laz,why do you suck,why did you do that i just say ggwp guys i have to go.And i just go.(after the game has finished ofc)