PTT on the Gamepad


It’d be really nice if the gamepad had a push to talk key so I didn’t need to keep reaching for my keyboard all the time. :slight_smile:


@LadieAuPair would this fall under accessibility?


Possibly, I wasn’t sure where to put it.


Sorry, Tara made a big push to make Evolve accessible to as many players as possible with things like color blind mode and button mapping. I think this would fall under that umbrella.


It does fall under accessibility. It’s an interesting problem due to the lack of buttons. And we will have less once there is a comm wheel. I don’t know if I can can say yes, but I’m interesting in exploring it.

Taunts and a Map Editor

Maybe there should be an option to have talk enabled without needing to push to talk like on console?


Thanks, that’s everything I hoped for in a response. :slight_smile:

As for the buttons, there’s still the thumbsticks, but that might get messy. Also all four d-pad directions are currently set to take over a specific class of bot, if one of them was just a cycle available bots button that’d free up the other 3. Not suggesting this for the default set up of course but if they were options in the custom controller set-up menu that’d be great.


I use a 360 Controller with a Mic.
Use push to talk = false ?
Works for me.
Just make sure to not be blasting the game in the background. Hearing game sounds twice can get obnoxious.


Yeah I’m aware of that option but unfortunately I can’t have my mic set to always on because I’m often talking to people in my room or on skype or both while playing.