Psychonauts 2 is TOTALLY gonna ha- happening!


All these years… I’ve been dying… Waiting for the new Psychonauts to be announced… They said they were going to, all those years ago… But now it seems like P2 will be happening AIIIIIEEEEE!



Someone tell James Willems.

No one is going to get this :cry:




Psychonauts was an amazing game. One of my favourites on the original xbox. I’m so excited to hear they may be making a second one. :smiley:


Thank you!


Right now crowdfunding is at 99% with 6 days left, I am very sure its gonna happen, it was 97% yesterday :smiley:


We also gotta be careful about Jim fucking Sterling.


He loves this game but not The Last of Us? Damn lol


He does have an insane obsession over Phychonauts.


He actually likes the game, but hates the shooting which ruins the game for him.


That’s great news. It’s nice to see that so many people enjoyed the game as much as I did.


I wanted to play through P1 again, I have it on the PC, but the PC port is SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO poorly done. It doesn’t recognize fully that you put an xbox controller into the PC, you can’t reverse the invert for the controller, there’s a patch but it’s fan done and riddled with viruses which is too much hassle. I guess I could just play it on PS2 again. Effort though. XD


It’s worth it though. :wink:


If the mouse and keyboard sensitivity registered properly, it’d be super duper worth it.


I never played this game.

Don’t burn me! :tired_face:


pledged! Thanks for highlighting this!


You should, it’s really fun!



It is funded!


we need some proper 3d platformers now a days. not even mario is making them anymore…