PSN/XBL Monster Race Edition Equivalent


I love Evolve. I played the Beta on Steam and the Technical Test on PlayStation 4. I’m excited about The Monster Race PC Edition on Steam. However, I’d appreciate an option on PlayStation Network or another retailer to purchase The Monster Race Digital Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4 because I’ll be playing there with my friend.

I’ll understand if this can’t or won’t happen. I just wanted to bring this to Turtle Rock Studio’s attention and at least try getting an equivalent version of The Monster Race PC edition on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Thanks for the consideration.


only if it came in a boxed edition. but i kinda want to save up for a kraken statue


I would buy either version.


Doubt it. It’s apparently to make amends to leaving PC players out in the cold and giving Xbone exclusive privileges. You can, however, buy the standard version and season pass, which essentially gives you the same thing for $5 extra.


I’m confident that’s not why the Monster Race Edition is currently PC exclusive, lol. Nonetheless, I already known about the Digital Deluxe Edition for console, which is available on PC too. I’m requesting a Monster Race Digital Deluxe Edition for console(s). I’m not satisfied with the regular Digital Deluxe Edition. Thanks for input anyways. Much appreciated :sweat_smile: