PSN, Support Player looking for Team/players


I sick of the matchmaking put me with players that wander or die quickly, Im mostly a support player, ranked 183 with Bucket in Europe, and low 1000s with Sunny…
I have a Mic.

PSN: Decie123


There are some other good threads you could try to post in to find players. Try using the search bar to look for PS4 player threads. The gridlock thread is also good.


Very new to the form, so thank you very much will have a look now.


All good man. Happy to help. Chances are whatever you’re looking for has already been asked or talked about.

But welcome friend. Pretty non-toxic community so far.


I’m a dedicated trapper player top 100 as all four I’ll play friend me aerosIV


Hey man hit me up it’s BlackMamab679. I’m at level 24 and I play assault


My psn is mclovin7871. I play assault. Im pretty good lol


Iv send friend request to all. I forgot to add Im from Ireland that might be a issues with time zones