PSN Season Pass 2 Bug


So I went into the store this morning to look over some skins and I noticed that my Hunting Season Pass 2 still wants me to purchase it. I purchased it back in August and even confirmed that it came out of my bank account. Is there a known issue going on with the store for PSN, and will I need to purchase the content again?


Had the same problem man, when jack dropped it was on the psn store but, having the season pass it will or should be ready to download but it was still its priced so i waited a couple of hours and the evolve store had it, just check that you have lennox or jack so that can confirm that you have it


This is a common small bug friend, if you try to buy it again, it will tell you that you already have it :smile:

Edit: If it takes you to the payment confirmation page, then don’t do it, but I doubt it.


Okay, thanks guys! I’ve still got Jack and Lennox as characters so hopefully I’m still good.

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The season pass just doesn’t say it’s purchased. Doesn’t effect your DLC in any way.


Well, now you know, I’ll close this thread :smile:

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