PSN Prreorder bonuses not carrying between accounts?


So any time I’ve ever preordered a game over PSN or bought DLC, other people playing on the same PS4 on different user accounts have always been able to access that content. It kind of seems like an odd oversight then that this isn’t at all the case with Evolve. What gives?

Right now this only affects stuff like skins, but what about Behemoth and the DLC I’ve already preordered? If that’s only going to be accessible on the main account, too, I call bullshit.

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What did you preorder?


Digital deluxe, I believe it was called. Base game + Hunting season pass, with the Savage Goliath skin and the monster expansion as preorder bonuses.


You got your goliath skin right?


That’s what I’m talking about. There are multiple accounts on my PS4, it’s a shared console between family members, and we buy all our games on one account just to make it easier with adding money to the wallet and such. I bought the game on account A, I’m playing it on account B, and I don’t have the skin on account B. I’ve not tried account A, since again that’s just kind of our “buy stuff” account for convenience’s sake, but if it’s not there that’s an even worse problem.


I think we need a dev here to help. O thought you meant that you didn’t get your preorder bonuses at all. Oh and, the hunters and the monster wont come out soon. @MacMan plz halp.


I have the exact same problem. The account I typically play on doesn’t have the dlc, while the other account does. I have never seen this single account DLC locking in any other game. I’m assuming the hunters pass and behemoth aren’t going to work on my main account either when they are released.

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Pre-oreder bonuses are tied to accounts, they will not carry over from one account to another.

For more info on how to redeem pre-order bonuses please click here:

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[quote=“DB_Sinclair, post:8, topic:33416”]
Pre-oreder bonuses are tied to accounts, they will not carry over from one account to another.[/quote]
If this is really true for the preorder Behemoth, it will generate an outcry. Can you imagine a family where only one lucky member will be able to play the preorder Behemoth and the others are supposed to pay $15 extra? Please say it isn’t so. Please do something to fix this, before the DLC debate derails even more.


Thanks for the link, but it does not include any information on how to redeem a PSN store preorder.

If I was given a code I would at least have been able to choose what account I’d be able to access the content from, but I simply wasn’t. This is not at all how any DLC works on PS4, and if there was at least some warning given I would’ve been able to take that into consideration before preordering.

Me and @fireblade899 aren’t the only ones affected by this by far. I absolutely paid for the preorder with my own money and I should be able to access the content. Right now we’re just talking about a skin, but if this is how the Behemoth and hunting season DLC is going to be handled, then what on earth did I even pay for?


Wow, never seen a game do this before, so I pretty much wasted 20 dollars.
Very nice 2k… very nice…


Yeah, exactly. If this was how this game was going to work I wish they’d at least said so in the preorder info or something so I would’ve known not to get it.


Really… 2K is killing this game…

Milking in every possible way…

SaD to see evolve go down like this…


Yeah, I wasted 20 dollars, because I won’t be able to use anything from the digital deluxe edition, the account where I bought the game doesn’t even have PS plus…


Same issue over here, this is unacceptable, everything from the PSN store is shared between accounts,and this is not the exception.


I put in a support ticket to 2K yesterday explaining the situation and requesting for the license to be transferred. I expect them to at least be able to let us correct the mixup, and I’m going to be very, very disappointed if this isn’t the case.


Let us know what happens!


I did the same, so far no answer from 2K.


Sounds like an exploit.


Thank you so much for explaining this. I’ve been playing the last few days wondering what the problem is, I really wish that they would have said this as I would have probably bought the physical disc rather than the digital version.

I would like to be able to transfer the license from one account to another, it looks like I won’t be able to use the pre-order bonuses or play with Behemoth when he’s released unless I’m willing to start the game from scratch on my other account.