PSN pre-purchase gives no bonus dlc


I bought Evolve on Feb 9th around 9:30pm according to my emailed ticket (my gamestop was closed, so this was the only option to pre-purchased before release). Does that still count as a pre-purchase and should i of gotten a code for the wraith/kraken unlock? Or did i essentially wait too long, and i only got the full game without any “pre-purchase bonus” and need to grind everything? The game wasnt out yet, and all sites appear to show that “pre-purchase is before feb 10th release”…
can anyone confirm they got a code or was there a final date i missed?



IIRC the only gamestop pre-purchase items are the 4th monster and skins.


I preordered last week and don’t remember seeing anything about Wraith and Kracken unlocks…


There aren’t any that I’ve heard of.


Apparently i was 20 minuets late in my time CST to the actual release EST. Well, procrastination screwed me over. 9:30pm CST of my purchase was actually a full buying of the game and not considered a “pre-purchase” since it was already released.