PSN is currently down (5/15)


A rep said they are trying to restart servers region by region. Could be a variety of things happening - Destiny’s big patch for their upcoming DLC went live today, plenty of people have been pre-loading The Witcher 3 from the stores, and a certain group of assholes on Twitter may be claiming responsibility for the outage.

Let’s hope it comes back soon!


Yeah I just started getting the effects as well :cry:


And here I was just about to go stream and play too! Ah well, seems to happen every year. Better now than when T5 is released.


Los! Lucky I caught you here!

In the event that we can’t log on tonight, we’re gonna have to reschedule our tourney. I think RotEINsV said he’d be free tomorrow at 830pm EST as well, and I think most of my guys are too. I can’t really contact them though.


Yeah we might give some extra time due to the server issues depending on how long it lasts.


I’m at work, is it up yet?


I was able to get on and play about 5 games and then our party leader accidentally backed us out, and now none of us can get back on.

So if you get on, stay logged in.


Similar thing happened to me. Now it says psn is undergoing maintenance.


lizard squad has claimed they hacked the playstation network again


Thanks. Guess it’s a good time to start Bloodborne lol


update its still down :smirk:


So weak…


They’re always claiming that bs