PSN: Hunting Season Pass 40% off. Behemoth no discount. Goddangit


I can’t remember the exact name of the hunter dlc, but it was originally $25. If someone could tell me the name I’ll edit the title to be clearer.

This is great and all, but being the monster main that I am, I was very disappointed when I noticed the behemoth wasn’t discounted.

Monster haters… only most of us eat people!


I believe it was the “Hunting Season Pass” not 100% sure and if purchased with the game like I did it, it only cost $20. The pass also includes the three Magma skins.


Is this offer for outside the US too?


I don’t see why not.


I just checked, the offer for 40% off for both versions of the game is on but not the season pass :unamused:


Behe prolly doesn’t get the discount because he was a pre-order bonus and not part of the T4 Hunting Season Pass


You know what. Just shush… Lol GIMME A FREE BEHEMOTH! or at least a discount. Lol