[PSN] Downloading Game stuck on 58%~ after tutorial


Posting on behalf of a friend as my copy has worked fine since release and he’s ready to trade his in after a week of not being able to play. I apologise if this has already been posted but its my last attempt at getting his copy to work.

So he starts game, installs large update with new hunters/monsters, and proceeds to play tutorial. After tutorial in the bottom right corner it says “downloading full game” at which point it remains stuck there. He has tried leaving ps4 in sleep with downloading settings turned on whilst on standby. Tried deleting entire game and fresh install several times but that hasn’t worked either.

A google search revealed that this was an issue in February but it stills seem to be now. Is there any guaranteed solution?

Running out of options and I really want him to experience the thrill of the hunt!

Thanks in advance.