PSN, 2K, Windows Live Logins Leak


Not sure if anyone here on the boards where affected:

Here is the leak site, I did a quick find on myself and lucky nothing was posted:


Steam ftw. :smile:



They should hack my Ubisoft account, then I would have no excuse not to play their shitty releases lately. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but why do they target gamers and not politicians?


Because they already don’t work so causing them to not workmore… doesn’t do anything? :stuck_out_tongue:


Once they target politicians they’ll get found way faster :slight_smile: eventho they won’t get anything usefull out of hacking them.


lol. “In order to hurt companies, we will do something that hurts the users!”

Yeah, we live in a world where companies don’t care about securing information; they just want to consume information, and society puts emphasis on being the first person to do new things, whether or not they’re done right.

I don’t get the logic being used here.


These types of attacks will do nothing except hurt the end users. The companies are not going to be bullied into upgrading their systems, especially when they’re not going to be on the hook for any damages. Password leaks might be a PR issue, but ultimately is the company really held responsible for anything? No. You’re simply going to open up the possibility of Joe Smith having his life ruined by someone stealing his identity. Good job hackers! Way to punish the average guy just trying to make a living!

Sometimes humans are so stupid.