PSA: When searching for the monster, don't run ahead of the Trapper!


Please, everyone, don’t run ahead of the trapper when we are searching for the monster. While there are some exceptions where its okay, such as:

  • There is a clear line of monster tracks
  • You can physically see the monster(in which case you should be spotting your arse off)

Don’t do it otherwise.

I’m surprised I actually have to say this, but the last five match ups I’ve had, Val or Markov decides to sprint ahead of me at a crossroads where monster tracks disappear. Turns out, thanks to them, we are going in the wrong direction to the complete opposite side of the map for 5 minutes until the monster eats one of my tracking darts.

Newbies(I don’t mean that as an insult) I know you are all eager to fill the monster full of lead, and it might be hard to find your target when Daisy isn’t around to show you where it is, But let Abe/Griffin do their job, and your patience will be rewarded with a monster trapped in a dome.


I think more important than following the trapper is knowing where your team is and understanding your positioning. If only the trapper leads the charge, the monster has easy escape paths, but if a team knows where their members are, and stay accessible to each other, the monster is done for. The same as knowing when to follow tracks, it is equally important to understand your trapper’s mechanics, and when it is safe to deviate from them.

Teams that get too involved in “follow the trapper” and nothing else are the most delicious. Everyone is a tracker, but at the same time, only one is a trapper.


I agree with this, if and only if the Trapper knows what he/she is doing. Inexperienced or distracted Trappers might not go the right direction, stop to kill wildlife and take way too long (Griffin shouldn’t even be shooting, his Gauss SMG is too weak, intentionally), etc. The team should stick close together while hunting the monster, and everyone should keep a lookout for the monster. Yesterday I was playing a Wraith, and I was running Support; the Trapper was moving in one direction, and the Wraith had doubled back to out left. I barely noticed its warp trail, and immediately signaled to move that way.

For the most part, I don’t like to say that each class/character should hold a specific spot in the group’s formation…except Laz. He needs to stay relatively hidden, and always needs to be prepared to dodge attacks.

Edit: Maggie especially should be at the front of the group, being right next to Daisy (the closer to Daisy the Trapper is, the faster Daisy moves). Well…this is mostly what you should be doing if you’re uncertain where the monster is. So, in a sense…Daisy should be at the front :grin:


Still fairly new to Evolve, but I think the key so far has been communication from the start. If you can set up a plan, it’s better than nothing.

Any time the hunters have at least 2 mics, we’ve done much better. So far, its helped balance out our inexperience somewhat.


I have to somewhat disagree with this, although it also depends on your team and if you have mics and/or know who you are playing with. I play Val most of the time, and having the ability to get a bit ahead of to the side of the tracker and slow the monster down if I see them often allows us to dome the monster that we might have missed.

Now someone like Laz running ahead, yea, that makes no sense, because even if he finds him there isn’t really anything he can do to slow him down or help the tracker at all. But with someone like Val, and I am fairly good at tranq’ing, I can keep the monster almost constantly slowed so that in normally around 5 seconds or so the trapper or rest of the team shows up and we dome the monster.

So once again I feel it just depends on your team. I frequently ran ahead/side tracker off of the Hunter and it worked out quite well. In fact I would say most of the time it turned into a positive instead of a negative. As monsters get more experienced, maybe this will change, but for now it’s definitely a viable strategy.


Agreed. More often than not I find that the trapper is either too far behind or going the wrong way. Plus splitting up depending type of trapper is okay as long as you have some situational awareness and know where the others are.


And please please please if I’m trying to get close to the monster as a trapper don’t just start shooting it from 60meters back I need to be close to ensure a dome.