PSA: Trapper and tracker are 2 different words!


I keep seeing people complain about their trapper not doing their job tracking down the monster.

The trappers job is to trap the monster, not only track it.
Every class can track the monster, trapper is not the only class with tracking abilities. I’ve even tracked the monster numerous times with the assault (without tracking abilities).

If you’re complaining about your trapper not doing his tracking job, stop for a moment and think if you’re doing any work for tracking the monster.


Wholeheartedly agree. The trapper may have more abilities to track the monster but everyone is a tracker. Now if you keep botching dome throws then it is your fault.




That’s why we’ll kill you first :wink:


Agreed. The only proper tracker is Daisy, but all hunters should help tracking the monster.


O_o But you’ll have to catch me first!


Look, I’m the freaking medic. My job is to keep your ass in the fight and the monster slowed and weakened. So you better use that Soundspike/Daisy/Darts/UAV/Dust Tagging/Mines/Traps/whatever to get me to a position to work from, alright? I’m willing to help you with my pair of eyes and my scope, but if somebody fucked up tracking the monster, it wasn’t me.


Even a medic can help tracking. With those eyes, you can see footprints and the monster itself (in which case a tranq will also mark him). You can also use your ears to hear the monster stomping around, the monster can’t stay stealth forever.


My post is my view of the thing. I’ll help all I can, but that’s just it, I don’t have many tracking capabilities and an early tranq’s going to give away our position instead of helping.


Fair enough, helping all you can is more than some people do.
I made this topic after seeing a post how a full group stood around at spawn for 45 seconds because the trapper didn’t do anything.


everyone can do basic tracking but between daisy, sound spikes and tracking darts it really should be the trapper leading the hunt

there is some cross over with buckets UAV, Vals traq gun and Cabots dust tagging

but as the trapper your job is to find the monster and trap it


How many times have I dies from tracking the monster as Assault?
How many.times were they pounces from the monster?
Point Proved