PSA T5 < Da trueth

there will be 4 hunters in T5 you just get two for free in the monster race ty

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Yo fam 100% tru dat tru dat amen fam can i get an amen amen fam ty ty fam

^ wannabe like meh


butt if only we get 2 in monster race how com we dont get all 4 in teir 5 ?!?! doe sthis mena illumintatir is confmiled? also get evolve on PC fam get master race new hunters dank af ffam dank af new hunters XDDD lol ty fam amen

nah fam
am follower
I subcribsed to your soundcloud account amen fam

nah u bad u make kid crei they have annoucnced 4 hunters in T5

idk wtf explane urself pls im confused



Im African American… But sadly I am still too white for this