PSA regarding Laz


For the love of god… if you don’t understand how to use him, don’t pick him for multiplayer! Try him out in solo or something but don’t bring down an entire team because you don’t understand how his glove works and apparently forgot he has healing burst. Nothing wrecks a team faster than a Laz that doesn’t understand what he is doing. That is all.


And dont revive teamates if he is on your team


Word for the wise: If you have a medic playing Laz, think very hard on picking health regen over your main perk for your class.


When I play hunters I keep getting crappy laz players who don’t use thier glove. Instead they go and pick up the hunter earning them a strike. Had a Laz player last night that earned us at least 5 strikes because he wouldn’t use his glove when reviving teammates :confounded:


lots of laz players don’t realise the glove works on incapped people as well as dead people. Let them know.


I hope that TRS puts up tutorial videos for each class… oh wait >.> (insert sarcastic voice)


Yes but they need to put up advanced ones for each individual character too…


they do… its in the video gallery of the game. but they can’t make people watch those or down time between matches would be insane lol


I should have added the sarcastic voice like you did. I thought the dots would be enough.Thats my bad.


I am yet to be on a team with a Laz user who knows what they are doing. Very annoying. It’s like, I know you are ok with us dying, but at least freaking use your heal burst.

Meanwhile any time I go against a Laz user as a monster they are freaking amazing, cloaking every 10 seconds and staying out of sight and getting guys revived at perfect times and generally just being annoying as ****, which is what Laz should be imho.


If you have a Laz on your team, I strongly advising picking up the health regen perk over your normal perk, but it isn’t always necessary. Also if you use smell you can see hunter footprints to track a invisible Laz, or just look and you’ll be able to see Laz’s jetpack through the cloak. I find puppy guarding is a decent strat, or just focusing on the medic like you normally would, unless there is a Hank, always go for that hillbilly son of a gun we all love and hate.


seriously tho, it’s very frustrating to have to still be explaining to people in my games at level 40 why they shouldn’t rez when a laz is on the team