PSA: If you tinkerbell I will not play with you! (Please nerf tinkerbell)


Monster or Hunter, its such a cheese thing to do. I get it if you’re using a high offense comp if if we Hank on the team and you pull that shit off I will leave the game. I don’t fucking care about my steak, no one deserves to be cheesed like that :laughing:


#I think figured out where the bulk of the frustration that Tinkerwhoring brings.
At least from what I’ve been playing.

In combat its usually just another way to cheese some of the monsters, or to avoid abilities long enough for a shield/healburst cooldown. Which can be frustrating, but manageable for most people as they can punish the tinkerwhores when they get back on the ground.

Outside though, my goodness is it good for pressuring the monster. You can jump very high and just fly to the monster doing tons of chip damage. (Someone… I think it was @Sidewaysgts posted a video of it )
It can be very frustrating to experience this as not only do you have to deal with the cheese (I like cheese but not that kind of cheese) in combat where hunters would taunt you like the Jerry to the monster’s Tom. They also have a very strong chase and harass power to them.

This jetpack perl/Tinkerbell nonsense needs nerfed immediately. It's game breaking
This tinkerbell crap has to stop

sorry for living under a rock, but what’s this allusive “tinkerbell” set you speak of?


Hunters being able to fly for extended periods of time by stacking certain jetpack perks, playing as kraken it wasn’t that bad but now that I’m playing the other monsters I can see how broken it is.


the Rocket perks. All 3. They increase Flight Efficiency at the cost of other perks. They came with the Monster’s Legbreaker/Flyswatter/Grounder perks. I think they’re necessary, but need a bit of tweaking to be more fair. However if they’re not unbalancing the W/L ratio then it would take quite a bit of community outrage to necessitate any balance.

edit: It’s actually Flight Efficiencyx2 + Rocket Lord apparently. To help people not be confused if they don’t know, and to keep people from commenting on my post if they come past and they see I’ve put the wrong thing near the top.


I don’t think trs would like to balance it anytime soon judging from community feedback on even necessary nerfs. People’s heads would explode if hunters got anymore nerfs. XD


You’re not wrong. unrelated, why does everyone care so much about win streak? at least from your PoV?


people are afwuly obese with them idk why.


Only thing I’ll say is you need to let people know ahead of time if you’re going to leave in middle of the game b/c of these choices. Otherwise, it can be a dick move on your part as well to leave just b/c you disagree with the fairness of some perk set that exists in the game already. If you’re definitely not interested in playing with people using that strat, that’s fine, but just give fair warning in the lobby so people can adjust or leave if necessary. (let’s be honest, how many players out of total playerbase would see this post and remember your id, even if it was same as your steamID)

Also, why is running it in an aggressive comp ok but not when it’s a comp with hank in it? It seems like the line between this is too cheesy and broken vs this is fine is very arbitrary. Plus, what defines an aggressive comp? If you have an offensive support like cabot, but defensive trapper like jack, is the comp aggressive and allowed to use tinkerbell or not?

As a sidenote, I actually dislike the strat myself but see it as valid enough to use. I just wish trs would give a small nerf to them so that it is easier to deal with, instead of aggressively promoting it by nerfing every other useful perk for hunters.


I think it’s valid but sometimes you just need to use something else. As an example, I won a game the other day as Hank only because I chose max CDR for normal abilities. If I’d taken tinkerbell, my team would’ve lost. There were at least two different times that I had skills up faster because of CDR that if I hadn’t had them, the Monster would’ve creamed us completely. Just those two times was enough to actually deal enough damage and get the advantage needed to win.

Plus once he used mimic and I hit him on the head with an orbital while he was chasing my teammates around. Took the first 3 shots before he realized what was going on, detonated and still took another two shots before webslinging away.


Devs have said they have their eye on tinkerbell.

It sure is strong but once you land you’re finished, so I’m not sure how I feel about it.


Everytime I see the term Tinkerbell, I get excited and think:


Every time.

But yeah, we’re watching it. Well, the balance guys are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see. Do you mean reloader when you refer to cdr for normal abilities? Also, I agree, I think there are definitely cases where it’s better to run something else and I’d love it if they emphasized those choices more than the tinkerbell strategy. In fact, reloader is one of the prime example of other valid + strong perks being nerfed hard. I swear, I see reloader, capacity and damage increase being nerfed every single patch…

That’s a relief. I agree. It’s not completely unfair or impossible to deal with. And I think it has a place in the game, since it does have a glaring weakness (after fuel’s out = dead).

Great to hear. Thank you for paying attention to what people are saying! :slight_smile:


There’s a post about it right here with a video:


Exactly what I mean. Reloader/speedloader. I’ve always loved that perk set. It’s made the difference a lot of times when I get to actually play support.


A must for me when I play Caira!


Lazarus for me. That gauntlet recharge is very long, even with the perk set.

Also Hank/Cabot, more shield time coming through and more damage being dealt while the shields are down.

What do you run for Perk 1? I always do Hregen on Laz with maybe swap speed for Hank/Cabot.


Typically Extra Fuel Tank (jetpack flight efficiency).


I heard afterburners can be good as a general choice. (still need to buy them though :frowning:)


Lazarus Device would only benefit with “Reload Speed” perks. Reload Perks increases effectiveness the longer the cooldown. I wouldn’t recommend using this perk at all, your team shouldn’t be dying this frequent.

For Lazarus I would recommend, Health Regeneration (stacks with cloak), Damage Reduction, or Flight Efficiency.

You want the perks that have the most uptime for any situation.


If a hunters only chance at survival is to not get hit then are gonna do anything they can to not get hit.

Since roaching and tinkerbell are so bad whats next? Moving at all?

Ok hunters from now on dont even try to move once you dome a monster. Just let them smash you into the ground and kill you in 3 hits. I mean seriously every monster has an anti tinkerbell skill. Don’t like hover hunters save your skills for when they do it and punish their now out of control no jetpack fuel attempt at surviving.

Or even better. Actively try and set up good dome locations that punish hunters.