PSA : For those of you who have trouble sending Slim's drone to the right hunter/survivor/colonist/Daisy

You can actually hold the drone button and aim it at a hunter before you let it go… to heal them into infinity.

No more are days where you accidentally send a drone to another hunter when you wanted to revive an incap one.

If I’m playing rescue it still goes to someone else in my line of sight. It’s annoying as hell.


Yeah I hold it most of the time, but I still get those teammates that jump right into view just as you release it xD

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I didn’t even know this until recently…


You can also order your teammates to stop taking damage. Problem solved!

‘‘Presses 3’’



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I see that you too attend r/evolvegame

I know this too and still have problems with it not reaching certain people or survivors on rescue but then again I have bigger problems then this post patch…


Lol actually I don’t. But maybe the hunter I was playing with last night does, because he was saying this xD

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Never mind then. I saw this exact same post (same title and text and stuff) over on reddit before I saw it here. Must have been the other way around.