PSA for Maggie and Griffin


You have harpoons. Please use them. JFC


Maggie and Griffin players should get off on successful harpoons. The arena drops, goliath runs to the nearest cliff and leaps for freedom only to be snared by three well placed poon mines. Cigarette break.


Griffin’s Harpoon should only be used when the monster is using traversal or a displacement ability like Charge or Abduct, to stop the monster in it’s tracks and prevent damage.

He shouldn’t just be trigger happy with the thing. It makes him useless.


I’d argue an SMGing Griffin is more useless, as the damage is pretty pitiful (though there are times to use it for sure). Im pretty much a trigger happy harpooning griffin when in combat and have been pretty successful with it. All about positioning yourself behind the monster or atleast to the side of him. Gives you great control over the monster while the rest of the team lays on the heat.


This. So much this.


The problem is if you hit the monster and he isn’t doing anything preventable, you have about 2 seconds of reload time that gives the monster an opportunity to dish out movement and displacement abilities, and you also just gave up your position. You don’t need to have the SMG out, you need to have the harpoon ready for anything.

With the dome gone, though, harpoons are all free-fire.


Depends though. If the monster is advancing in on your medic or so, it’s wise to harpoon him. Other harpoon-golden moments are when hes climbing. It’s amazing just bringing those guys right back down!

Harpoons should be displaced when you’re to the side or behind the monster, never in LoS.


The monster is performing critical movements when he is climbing and approaching teammates, I didn’t state it in the post you replied to, I apologize, but I encourage harpooning at these times.

I feel any form of major movement should be harpooned, as well as displacement abilities, approaching targets, escape attempts, falling, climbing, and traversal abilities.

Also, monsters can be harpooned mid-traversal while you are in the air to throw yourself closer to the monster to prepare for a dome. I’ve had success with this one time, though. As it’s VERY hard to time it right.


I agree, any movement should be harpooned to prevent it. Which is why I tend to harpoon a little early preventing that charge or leap smash.

And to that last thing, you can pull yourself to the monster as long as you’re both in mid-air? This I need to try out. If I can’t master it, I will resort to my infinity harpoons chase as Griffin. (Reload perk on him is a MUST. There is no way in HELL the monster can escape the harpoons!)


Yep. I first experienced this when I was fighting Kraken in defend mode. I jetpacked straight up and harpooned him, then he let out an air burst and i was flung in his direction. Ever since I’ve been trying it whenever I play Griffin, with only few successful tries, one being led into an amazing dome.

What is his reload time at tier 3 reload perk?


I don’t know the exact time but it is extremely quick. To the point where if you manage your jetpack well enough the monster will not escape. I have done this with the jetpack recharge buff; monster died shortly after. He lasted the first dome, harpooned him and kept on his ass long enough for a second one.

It’s incredibly powerful. If you have the time, go do a game right now and see for yourself!


I just tested it out with a stopwatch and several trials. It definitely shaves off half a second of his reload time.


dont forget it affects the trapper’s dome too… so even better! :smiley:


If I had a dollar for every harpoon not shot/thrown, I’d be a trillionaire.


I know, but it’s only mathematically effective on the dome after you use four. Think of it as “Buy three, get one free.”