Psa: focus cabot


He is the biggest threat out of any of the hunters. If you don’t focus him you’re asking for a beating.


As a Cabot main I support this message, but really just go after the trapper :wink: Actually just ignore me.


Cabot has ticked me off one too many times. I came across that actually killing him first was the best by accident due to me raging at my screen “STOP SHOOTING ME THROUGH WALLS WHILE I TRY TO EAT. YOU AREN"T EVEN CLOSE TO ME”. If a Cabot does that to me so many times I snap, and jump on his face.


When I pay the monster I kill the closest hunter, unless the hunter is shielded, then I’d follow the beam.
If laz is on the team, I would camp the body until Laz would enter my smell range, then I’d end him.