PSA - Cloaks Aren't Infallible


I just feel I had to make a thread about this after a game I had today where I won as the Monster. The affected player rage quit afterwards, so I wanted to post this

  1. As a public service announcement of sorts, and
  2. To prove I’m not cheating.

Cloaks don’t make you invulnerable. This should go without saying, but Hunters need to be smart about using their cloaks. Especially if you either:

  • Cloak right next to the monster, or
  • Use your jetpack while cloaking.

The Support player I downed to win the game did both of these. He or she not only cloaked right next to me, but was using his jetpack in long bursts afterwards. Using your jetpack emits a glow when you’re cloaked. Because this player was using the jetpack so much near me after he/she cloaked, I was able to easily track him/her down because of the jetpack’s glow.

Also, one thing to note if you’re cloaking next to the monster, if you get hit, blood spatters indicate where you are. Cloaking can help you escape in combat situations, but only if you’re smart about it. It’s not the end-all-be-all of escaping the monster.

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by Webimpulse Rekking Co. ® ™



  • You are invisible.
  • The monster can not smell you.
  • Your footprints still remain.
  • Your jetpack is visible.
  • You get visible while shooting and getting hit.
  • Your outlines are visible as long as you are effected by DOT-effects.


I really hate it when I’m playing as Meteor Goliath and teams get mad at me for being able to see them when they’re cloaked. -_-


Its more annoying when they shoot you then hide in cloak :expressionless: I really feel like if they are going to do that it should be cancelled out like wraith.


No reason to nerf cloak. At least, IMO.


To be fair, if they keep shooting at you while cloaked, they’re visible. As I said initially, hunters need to be smart about cloaking, and not rely on it as a crutch. Some players do. The solution wouldn’t be buffing or nerfing it, but educating about it.

Egad, I sound like a public speaker saying that… :expressionless:


Yeah in the situation i remember they stop once you go after them stop shooting that is


Yo I was playing monster this one time and I almost got ganked big time because Hank the Technical Tank had cloaked his team to sneak up on me but I had by subtitles on and I saw his dialogue and realized what was happening and I feel like it saved me the match


CHEATER! :wink: LOL, I’m kidding. That’s just hilarious. I’m thinking TRS should nerf subtitles. :joy:


I went up against a pretty good team in the mines recently. Their support knew when to cloak and to not jetpack when it was on…however he did not know that I can still see his footprints as well as the little dust clouds and water splashes of where he is walking.


Good graphics OP. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had this bug recently where I activated my cloak but I wasn’t invisible. Could be that the player was talking about? I’m not taking his side but I know this bug broke my heart cause I got destroyed right then and there.


I tried walking backwards and turning off run hoping either of these could be viable ways to change footprints. Sadly, they do not. Running tightly around corners through bush is the best way to do so.


English language OP, plz nerf


The only thing that I still can’t quite fathom about the Cloak is the Monsters smelling ability…

I can understand gameplay reasons but lore wise cloaking doesn’t give you an unscented deodorant. Does it?

Just because I use a cloaking field doesn’t mean that I am un-smellable… or at least it shouldn’t.

Unless @Matthew came up with some Sci-Fi Voodoo…


Yeah that is a bug…


Saving people since left 4 dead
I remember when in left 4 dead, even though you couldn’t hear the zombies, the general subtitles would pop out saying “angry zombie” (or stuff like that). You can’t imagine how many times subtitles saved me lol


As long as you stay, you are not producing footprints. To cross the ways of your mates helps too.


Also you splash in water which shows where you are I had no idea this was true.


Cloaking is not only used as an escape, but also as an approach (most teams don’t do).

In one match, my team guessed where the monster would evolve so we all cloaked. Who would have known the monster would evolve in our face?! Once he was set, we f***ed him up!!!