PSA: Assault isn't a job everyone can pull off


You have two jobs as Assault.

  1. Melt the monster into the ground.
  2. Eat as much damage for your team as possible.

I’ve seen too many assaults that play too passively, and are almost never in the monsters face. Your job as Assault is to punish the monster for not focusing you, or if the monster does start to focus you give him as much damage while using jetpack to mitigate your own. If the trapper lands the dome you need to be in the monsters face for around 45 seconds of its duration. Learn to cut off the monster in domes if he’s running. Eat heavier abilities for some of your teamates. Rock Throw about to kill a teammate, and it’ll kill you, but you have shield up? Jetpack dodge into the rock throw, and activate shield. You’ll be able to save your teamate, and turn the tide of a fight.