PS4's Silver Destroyers are diminishing!


Tonight marks a turning point in evolve history on console, many of the fellow hunters were silver destroyer tonight and now we are mostly silver elites, probably wont be this for long either… silver master here we come. This game has become horribly monster favored since the patch. Elder kraken, behemoth, wraith and meteor goliath are insanely strong now. I watched several top teams on the ps4 get absolutely destroyed tonight. Developers… I hope you are listening and seeing this because the console community is getting destroyed by OP monsters.


I’m sorry but if you struggle against wraith and kelder then its just you, they are balanced now because they were UP before. Kraken is better now, Bob is the same basically because of increased tounge grab damage and decreased fissure damage, and lava bomb was changed to more of an area denial tool so idk why you’re complaining about him. The only monster I would consider OTT right now is gorgon but a well coordinated team still destroys her and her websnare acid spit combo is easily countered now because of the jetpack slow removed from websnare. Caira and Val are even stronger ranged healers because of the 30m healburst buff and caira’s fire rate being consistent. Sunny is right where I want her and overrated hank is not going to be played as much anymore. I understand your frustration but the micropatch mostly changed the characters not really “buff or Nerf” I feel like you’re over exaggerating.


pc for you? Cause 3 of the best teams just got crushed, not just my team.


Lol it’s been less than a day and you’re preaching THE END TIMES ARE NEAR! REPENT! REPEEENNNNNTTTTT

lol, give it a few days/ a week to adjust mang then everyone will adjust as per usual. :sparkles:


If I were on PC, your right adjusting would be easy.


God if the best teams are getting rekt God help the casuals or noobs just starting out.


Keep your damn opinions in one thread holy crap you are just spamming now


@Torvald_Stavig is adjusting difficult, like at all on ps4? given a week or something let’s say.


Adjusting is one thing, overcoming the impossible is quite another. U don’t play on the ps4 so why comment?


I play the same game though and people across platforms cry and moan about things being OP and what do you know it? the moaning dies down in like, a week since people adjusted and learned to overcome those new things. It’s a pattern seen across all the patches and the only time when the complaining continues is when things are blatenly OP like release sunny booster and Kraken buff after buff when everyone acknowledges he’s OP as all hell.

EDIT: on a side note, I should start watching iDubbz. he looks funny.


Brian isn’t happy unless he is complaining it seems.



The patch has been out for less than 24 hours, and this is your third topic about the changes. Please either keep the discussion in the main topic or use your behemoth or hank topic.