PS4k and Updated XB1


So all these rumors about an updated PS4, known as the PS4k or PS4.5, have really started gaining traction. Everyone remembers the 360 and PS3 had updated hardware, but this seems to be of a different level. Even XB1 has had rumors about a similar upgrade coming out (although Phil Spenser said he’s not shipping a screwdriver with every XB1, meaning it wont be modular).

Now from what I can tell, the XB1 might be trying to catch the PS4 in power and the PS4k seems to be geared toward the PSVR (which personally I think is going to bomb) which leaves people who already have these systems with some important decisions to make.

How do you feel about these rumors? If they end up being true what would these systems need to have to persuade you to either Upgrade or pick up one?

  • Personally I don’t have a 4k TV and think the PSVR is going to bomb, plus I don’t think the PS4k will be cheap and if it is, it won’t be native 4k, just up-scaling.

  • As for the XB1, unless it can hold a steady 1080/60 FPS MINIMUM then I don’t need to waste money upgrading the one I already have.


I already plan on buying a second XB1 for the bedroom at some point. I am going to wait a little while to see what they come out with and will probably buy that newer version.

I feel the same way based on the history of console accessories. Kinect and other similar products never come out with good enough content to make it worth the extra price tag. Sure I like and will use the Kinect and would probably have fun with PSVR… but does it beat out the good old controller and TV experience?


As far as they announced, Hololens doesn’t take extra processing power from the Xbox One. Probably has its own processor built in that is enough.


God knows I’m not a computer engineer, but the “4K” is said to quadruple the amount of pixels the PlayStation already has. Which is pretty much impossible for the size of a console, and would be at an unreasonable price that PlayStation owners won’t expect. The risk for them doing something like this is far greater than the potential award, so I doubt it’ll happen the way it’s rumored.

But hey, I can’t even put videos in chat boxes, so what do I know?


I’m not especially technically minded either, but all the same, I think you’re on the money there. The inordinate hardware cost required would simply put the PS4k out of reach for most of their market if they were to aim for 4k gaming in their hardware (especially when you consider most people don’t yet own a 4k ready television). I imagine the upgrade is almost exclusively for VR and increasing general performance (notably FPS) output for future games.


once people lay it they’ll be like look at these details and just krrp dying looking at them details


I think if anything is going to be the Hololens that has the best shot. AR is going to gel better with the average gamer than full VR. Hardcore VR people will more likely go towards the Oculus Rift anyway.


I’m really skeptical about how the hololens will actually function at home. I think the scope will be way more limited than it appears.


Can’t afford to upgrade right now :stuck_out_tongue:
I really hope that I don’t get screwed over for owning the old one.


I agree, however I feel it still has a better chance at catching on with the console market than the PSVR. I think that’s more a testament to how low of a chance I think the PSVR has rather than how great I think HoloLens will be…


I will get the 4K only if you can upgrade to it if you own the original PS4.


I’m sure Gamestop and Bestbuy will do some sort of “Trade In and get $xxx.xx toward ____” Promotion.


Trade in your PS4 or Xbox One and get $5 credit towards a PS4.5 or Xbox One Point Five!


Well they were giving $200 towards PS4s and XB1 like 2 weeks ago, pretty sure it’s down to like $150 now…

PS4 is $200 XB1 is $150


No.Why would anyone waste their money on this BS? this current gen ps4 is only 2 and a bit years old and who’s to say if this ps4k came out after 2 years they make ps5k and so it’s bs and i’m not even wasting my time talking about it because A-i don’t see it happening anyway and B-i wouldn’t entertain such bs from Sony.


I find it rather amusing that consoles seem to turn more and more into PC’s. Now, I’m not a console user PC MASTERRACE, but part of the appeal of console gaming is the simplicity. You buy a console, and the game with the name of the console on it. 1 console per company per generation. If they throw in other consoles alongside each other, this would create lots of confusion. Furthermore, consoles simply work. You buy a game for it, and it works. PC gamers have to think about their specs before buying a game. I’m afraid the same will happen with consoles if this trend continues.


Correct. It has its own internal GPU, CPU, and HPU so that it can operate separately from other devices. .


People would waste the money because these consoles were hilariously underpowered from the beginning. 4k is becoming so cheap so quickly that the demand will be there. Plus the systems launching at $400 and $500 with that crappy hardware was still seen as “stupidly expensive” so I shudder to think what they are going to say when a PS4k will probably cost around $600


These next gen consoles could use a hardware upgrade. There’s nothing next gen about running games at 1080p or 900p at 30 fps in 2016.