PS4 Youtube/Pro Team Recruitment!



You probably don’t know me, which maybe a good thing xD.

But I have been trying to create a COD/Smite/Evolve pro teams for PS4. I want to create 3 Teams which I will be part of in all (I enjoy being part of a group xD).

Currently it is called Team Finest but might be changed to Team Corrupted. I have a few ideas how we will work, but all this is currently is an idea I want to change it to reality! I do require 5 other players for each team (4 main 2 subs).

I do have a website which is currently in development, and I do have a Youtube channel which im planning on changing the name of to fit the teams desired name.

If you wish to join leave below the following.



Skype(Isnt required and you don’t have to tell me yet):

Youtube(isn’t required yet either):

Which team you wish to join(can join muiltiple):

This is all I currently need if you require any information or have any questions feel free to ask.


Pope Crispy I
can play pretty much everything, just not monster. dear god, not monster


Just a few things I need to know. Im British so time zones are awkward but I think we can manage.

Do you have a Mic(really should have asked in orginal post)

Are you able to record YT videos?

And what is the earliest time you can play(weekends)


yes, i have a 360 mic converted to ps4
i have the basic ps4 recording software that everyone else has and ive used it a bit, but i dont have an elgato or anything
and for playing weekends, it depends. it seems youre 6 hours ahead of me, so i guess it all hangs on when you’d like to play. im normally up and moving around 8-11AM over here (2-5PM there) but i can change that if need be


That time is perfect literally perfect. However don’t get up at 8 xD its not healthy. And you don’t need an elgato the basic software will do for now. I will add you on PSN asap and we will see how you play this weekend if your up for it?


sounds good, i dont have access until friday so i wont be able to accept until then. major thing though, i have a test saturday that i could technically put off till next week, and even if that works out i might or might not have job training the same day. ill be able to find out if the training is happening or not by the end of today.


I am currently in team Orb-Mor

But if you need me I can sub in for you or play with you when my team isnt on ^.^

Username: demonhunter1245

Timezone: Central Standard time

Skype(Isnt required and you don’t have to tell me yet): demonhunter1245

Youtube(isn’t required yet either): gamertrollbeast

Which team you wish to join(can join muiltiple): Evolve baby.


I can make it


Nice ill add you tonight and we can start at 10am your time tommorow?


Btw if anyone wants to join please sign up to the website for the team


Alright, I’m ready. What’s your tag?


Can you do it this time tomorrow? And add me I’m Deadfinest


Can’t, job training from 8-1


Shit OK what about rn


Had a late breakfast, sorry. If you’re ready to go now I’m game