ps4 why does it take so long to join a game

So I have been trying to play this game all evening. I am located on the EST time zone and I am playing on PS4. My PSN name is Packhead_Zay971. I keep getting some dumb error code saying that “connection to the host failed”. I have a feeling that TRS does not want people to play. We have been playing for two hours and have only played two games not to mention these times the server gave up and gave us bots. WTF!!! This is really annoying as I love playing this game. Please fix this ranking system as players are going to start dropping soon. Please help as I love this game but these bugs are going to have back on GTA 5; at least their servers work correctly. I know this is something that your working on but come on guys BUG after BUG after BUG. You might well invest in an ant hill. Plus now you have a penalty for leaving the game but most of time we leave the game it is before your servers crashed. Your fault your server should get a penalty. Is it a certain time that I need to play this game or what? The only game mode that seems to work is evacuation (No one fun plays that anymore) Developers please explain why this is happening

@Shaners you should look into this ant hill thing, and potentially address it next Tuesday evening.

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Hello Michael,

Sorry you’re encountering this issue. Please submit a ticket to 2K here and they should be able to help you. As you can imagine they’re pretty swamped with issues, so give them a chance to get back to you. Make sure to include as much information as possible.


Takes ages for me especially trying to find a game as monster,my god it takes forever i just go hunter instead.

As monster it takes ages and you get put against people way over your skill level way to often I’m bronze going against gold it happens a lot

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Thank you @Shaners I have done this and will be waiting to receive an answer. Thank you for a timely response


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Of course!

Thank you for the info and the help you give to 2k support in advance!

We are all currently looking into this issue and hoping to come up with a fast fix!