[PS4] Where are the competitive EU players ? Player list

I know there are “many” EU players in the game. I also know that some of them are competitive ones with past esport experience.

But where are they ? There is only one real competitive EU team in the ESL (Glorious Bastard) for more than 10 USA teams.

Same for the community tournament, i think there were only 2 EU teams.

I guess it’s time for EU to have more representative in every tournament.

If you think you are a good player, if you think you can improve your skill to a competitive level, if you want to participate in the future of Evolve and if you are from Europe, you can post your PSNid on this thread, it will help PS4 EU teams to find good players.

I think one big problem in Europe is language. In the USA everyone speaks English, easy, but over here everyone speaks a different language. I mean, I could possibly play in an English team, but some of my teammates wouldn’t be able to, because they don’t understand or can’t speak English.
That’s why you sometimes see pure German, French or Spanish teams in the esl (ps4). So even though there are many eu players, there are not many who can play together, unfortunately.

Edit: @maderr I don’t see your team signed up for today, yet. Are you not going to play?

We lost a member of the hunter team so we are trying to find fantastic players which is the reason for the thread. I’m team monster, if you need a scrim or anything :smile:

Hey, thanks for your answer. Maybe you are right, it’s a language problem but i thought that most of European players speak english (at least German/UK/Dutch/Austria etc…).

Maybe TRS should advertise the forum website on the news feed in Evolve (link with like “Community forum to fiend players to play with”).

We didn’t sign up because we didn’t get good results at the past ESL. At start, everything worked good but then we lost our teamplay and we couldn’t get it back. After many deafeats, some of us lost motivation.

Will see what i will do. I definitely want to go further in esport with Evolve. For now, the team is in standby mode.

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